Foot and Ankle Treatment

The foot (26 bones) can be divided into three sections. The three parts consist of the forefoot (toe area), the midfoot (arch of foot) and the hindfoot (heel and ankle). Each section contains a different number of bones and varied bone shapes.

Dr. Gyanendra is a specialist Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon based in New Delhi, India. He is specialized in treating ankle and foot related problems. He has profound experience in the medical domain. He uses latest technology and modern machinery while providing surgery to the patient.


Types of Foot and Ankle Surgery: 

Bunions- These are generally the bony lumps. These basically affect the foot and the toe. These are caused due to the medical condition known as hallux valgus. Owing to this condition, the big toe joint bends towards the other toes and causes deformity.

Hammer Toes- Due to hallux valgus, the toes become permanently deformed.

Metatarsal Surgery- This is a medical condition in which the joints in the forefoot get damaged by inflammation of synovitis. This is caused because of arthritis.

If you are looking for Ankle and Foot Surgery, then feel free to consult Dr. Gyanendra. For Dr.Gyanendra, every case is important and he does thorough examining of the patient prior to providing the treatment. He uses advanced technology in order to offer the best possible treatment to the patient.

Injury to the Foot and Ankle:

Common reasons for injury to the Achilles tendon include overuse, increasing physical activity too rapidly, wearing extremely high heels (like 3 inch heels or stiletto high heels), problems with flat feet, tight muscles or tendons in the lower leg and strenuous sports activities (like running, gymnastics, dancing, football, or tennis). If the tendon ruptures, you might hear a snapping or ripping noise during the injury and the pain may be sudden and terrible. Symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury consist of pain at the back of the foot, tenderness, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty flexing the foot or pointing the toes.Only in severe cases of Achilles tendon injury, will the surgeon recommend a cast for immobilization or surgery to repair the tendon.

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A young woman massaging her painful ankle. Medicine concept photo.