Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Singh

Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi


Dr. G.K. Singh is a recognized Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in any orthopedic Surgery.

He graduated with a MBBS degree from the prestigious GSVM medical college Kanpur.

He completed his D-Ortho from GSVM medical college Kanpur U.P.

MS (Ortho) from Texila American University INC Guyana
East Coast Demerara, Guyana, South America.

He is running his private practice for 8 years in reputated Hospital like Tata motors Hospital Tata Nagar , ESI hospital Delhi, SDNH hospital Delhi. Mr. Gyanendra is also a distinguished member of the Indian Orthopedic Association.

On a regular basis he handles complex trauma cases such as pelvic and Hip fractures, complex knee and ankel fracture. He has undergone a special training in management of Trauma of the Upper-limb and microscopic hand surgeries. He has enough experience in handling spine related conditions like Inter-vertebral disc prolapse, Wedge comprassion fractures and chronic postrual lower and upper back ache.

Visiting consultant at:

Trauma and Orthocare Center T-205 Shastri Park (Zero Pusta) New Delhi  110053

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Mr. Gyanendra is extensively trained in techniques of sports related injuries. His skills and specialization also include

Hip Replacement.
Knee Replacement.
ACL Reconstruction.
Arthoscopic ACL/PCL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, Management of Chondral defects of the knee.
Arthoscopic management of Recorrent Shoulder dislocations.
Rotator cuff injuries.
Shoulder instability.
SLAP lesion.
He is expertise also include- Total Knee Replacement, Total HIP Repalcement, Total Shoulder replacement.

Mr. Gyanendra is extremely passionate about his work and his positive attitude along with his surgical skills and competence augers well for his patients. He is very well respected by his peers and has a penchant for perfection in everything that he does.